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Here are a selection of Frequently asked questions about bookings and equipment. If you have any other questions you would like answering, please don't hesitate to get in touch

What Equipment do you use?

I have two FBT Vertus 1000 systems, they are high powered quality compact units.  Depending on venue I use either one of the units or both. They are pretty compact so one unit is ideal for a small venue. I use two for bigger venues and larger events or outdoors. I have an array of microphones to use both wired and wireless, as well as a beautiful Shure Super 55 vintage microphone for my Vintage Jazz Act. I play my tracks into the PA through my Macbook Pro. For small venues like care homes I have a much smaller setup which involves myself, a small suitcase wireless bluetooth amp, a microphone and my phone.

Do you have PLI?

I am fully covered by PLI due to my membership to Equity. I am happy to provide a copy of my insurance certificate when asked.


How long do you need to set up?

I like to be punctual and have plenty of time. I usually arrive an hour before my performance is to begin. However if needed I can easily put up my equipment in 15/20 minutes.

What do you wear when you perform? 

 I am known for my signature vintage style. If you’ve booked my vintage or jazz act I will usually be wearing clothes suited to the era/style. I have a massive array of outfits ranging from the 1920s-1950s

I will alway make sure to look smart and in keeping with your event.

If theres’ a particular outfit you’ve seen on here you’d like then please tell me upon booking.


How long do you sing for?

It entirely depends on the booking and the client. Normally people ask for one of these three options:1x hour, 2x45 minute sets or 3x45 minute sets. I also will do 2x 1hour sets with a longer break in between. Some people only book for a single song or a couple, especially when it comes to funerals or wedding ceremonies. I’m happy to develop timings according to the client.

How many breaks do you take? How long are they?

Breaks depend on what timings you have booked. I will take a 15- 20 minute break between two 45 minute sets. I can take longer breaks if you want an interval of sorts for food or anything. 


Can you provide background music?

Of Course I Can! I am happy to make playlists to suit the style of your event. I’m also happy for you to plug your own music into my PA if you wish to make you own background playlist. This is not a DJ Service, but I’m happy to supply background music.

Can we choose some or all of the songs you sing?

Of Course. I have a repertoire list that is found here. You can select songs from it you particularly like. If you don't see a particular song you like then very often I will be more then happy to learn it for you. This can be discussed upon booking. Sometimes if it’s a lot of extra songs to learn a small charge will be added for learning time.


How far are you willing to travel?

This is a tough question as it depends on the location and timings of your event. I do have to add charges to my prices to cover my fuel and time driving,I tend to stick to Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Cornwall. The best thing to do is enquire and ask about further travel. Contact Me.

Do you take requests?

The best thing to do is check my repertoire list for the song. The disadvantage of singing with tracks is I may not always have the songs with me on the night for requests. If you have specific songs you want for your event let me know and I will happily learn them for you. I can’t always do requests on the spot at the event, so pre planning is a must. Here is my repertoire list.

How can we find out about upcoming performances?

I have a page on here you can check out with a list of upcoming gigs. I also post about my gigs on my Facebook Page, pop over there and have a look. While you there a like would be greatly appreciated.

Who Are your Previous Clients?

I have performed at many venues over the years. To name a few: The Bootlegger Exeter, Plymouth Guildhall,The Thatched Tavern Torquay, Revo Kitchen WSM, RAF St Mawgan, Haven Littlesea Weymouth, Haven Rockley Park Poole, Martin’s Bar Highlands End Bridport, Honiton Conservative Club, The Birdcage Brixham and many more. I have also performed on the MS Balmoral and MS Bolette for Fred Olsen Cruise Lines. These are to name a few. I have also performed in lots of theatres across the country.


​I have also performed at many Weddings and Private Parties. I also have sung at many funerals and memorials. to see more informations about what I'm up to, check out my  Facebook Page.


How do I Book?

Visit the Contact me page here. Drop me an email or a phone call to have a chat about what you’d like to book.

What do I do if I need to reschedule or cancel?

If you need to reschedule then get in touch and we will move your booking to another date that is convenient to you. This is free of charge and all deposits or money already paid will still stand.

As far as cancellations I have a strict two week cancellation policy. Meaning that if you fail to alert me of the cancellation prior to two weeks before the scheduled date , then all money is owed in full. If you alert me prior to the two week mark there is no charge. However, deposits are non refundable. 

I will use my own discretion when it comes to cancellations that are  for circumstances out of our control, i.e illness, COVID19, extreme weather conditions or bereavement. In this case all money will be returned. 

If I need to cancel I will endeavour to inform you as soon as possible.I will do my utmost not to cancel unless I'm physically unable to fulfil the booking i.e extreme weather conditions, COVID19, illness, car breakdown/accident or extreme change of circumstances.

If I cancel I will do my utmost to find you a replacement act for your event. All balance/ deposits already paid will be returned in full.

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